Bachelor of Business Administration

Nipissing University

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Sommaire du programme

Université Nipissing University
Grade baccalauréat spécialisé en administration des affaires, B.A.A.
Code de programme PBA
Fourchette de notes Min. 70%
Apprentissage expérientiel Non disponible
Inscription Open enrollment
Langue d'enseignement Anglais
Nota Streams include: Accounting; Administrative Studies; Economics; Organizational Studies; Marketing; and Technology Management.

Domaine d’interêt




  • ENG4U
  • One mathematics is recommended


Critères d'admission supplémentaires

If you are admitted without a 4U math, you will be required to take the university equivalent of MDM4U or MCV4U in your first year of the program.

Exigences linguistiques

English-Language Proficiency Requirements 

The minimum number of years required to waive requirements is three years of full-time study in a Canadian high school (English-language institution). A 4U English is also required.

All applicants to Nipissing University from countries where English is not the dominant language of instruction, are required to supply proof of English-language proficiency. International applicants studying in Canada on a student visa who successfully studied full-time at an Ontario high school or other Nipissing University-approved school for at least the past three years may be exempt.

Permanent resident applicants may also be required to provide proof of English-language proficiency if English is not their first language. Permanent resident applicants whose first language is not English but who have lived at least three years in Canada, or a country where English is the dominant language may be exempt.


Offres d'admission pour les élèves du secondaire de l'Ontario

Basic Requirements for Admission

Admission decisions are made on evidence of enrollment in 4U/M grades (midterm/interim and/or final), including required courses. The minimum average for full-time admission consideration to most degree programs at Nipissing is at least 70% and may be higher. The cut-off average for some specific programs and/or majors is at least 75%, as noted below.

Failed and Repeated Courses

Nipissing will take the higher grade of any repeated course.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

Nipissing University begins to make admission offers in December, and continues to make offers from January to June as midterm/interim and final grades are received.

Admission averages are calculated using the best six 4U/M marks (midterm/interim and final), including required courses. Required courses must be at the 4U level. Some applicants may receive early offers based on exceptional Grade 11 results. All admission offers are conditional upon successfully completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and a minimum of six 4U/M courses, including required courses as specified, by the end of June. Offers are also conditional upon maintaining a minimum average (stated in an offer of admission) on final grades presented as of June 30, 2016.

Applications received by May 1 will be considered for admission and entrance scholarships equally.

Alternative Offers: If you do not meet the admission requirements or admission averages for the programs you apply to, you will automatically be considered for an alternative program for which you qualify.

Offres alternatives

If you do not meet the admission requirements or admission averages for the programs you apply to, you will automatically be considered for an alternative program for which you qualify.


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