Political Science (4 years)

Algoma University

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Sommaire du programme

Université Algoma University
Grade baccalauréat ès arts , B.A.
Code de programme JBF
Fourchette de notes 65%+
Apprentissage expérientiel Demande de coop disponible à l'université après l'inscription
Inscription 25 This is an open enrollment program. First-year admissions are not capped.
Langue d'enseignement Anglais
Nota The Political Science program at Algoma University offers three- and four-year degrees in Political Science as a single major (single specialization) or double major (combined specializations) in combination with other subject areas (law & justice, Indigenous studies, history, sociology, psychology, English and others). A minor is also available and can be combined with any other majors. The program addresses a wide range of interests, from local and municipal politics to Indigenous and international politics.

Domaine d’interêt




  • ENG4U
  • Five additional 4U/M courses

Exigences linguistiques

If you studied at an English-speaking educational institution for a minimum of three years, you do not have to complete an English-language proficiency test.


Offres d'admission pour les élèves du secondaire de l'Ontario

Basic Requirements for Admission

Admission averages are based on your top six 4U/M marks. Admission requirements range from 65% for most programs to 70% for Business Administration and Social Work.

Failed and Repeated Courses

We do not count failed courses and selects the higher grade from repeated courses for inclusion in the admission average calculation. 

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

If you attend a semestered school, you may receive an early conditional offer once your grades become available, if:

  • you completed at least three 4U/M courses with an overall average equal to, or better than, the program cut-off; and
  • you are enrolled in a sufficient number of courses in order to complete at least six 4U/M courses by the end of June.

Note: If you are marginally below the program cut-off, but your overall average in Grade 11 and 12 courses is 70% or higher, you may be considered for an early offer of admission.

If you attend a non-semestered school, you may receive an early conditional offer once the Office of Admissions receives interim grades for at least six 4U/M courses showing an interim average that is equal to, or greater than, the program cut-off.

If you do not receive an early conditional offer of admission, you will be considered on an individual and ongoing basis, as additional marks become available.If you are not offered admission to your preferred program, you will automatically be considered for admission to an alternative program, depending on program availability, and provided you meet the university entrance requirements. Algoma University has rolling admission; therefore, applications for September 2016 will continue to be received and processed until the start of the semester.


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