Baccalauréat en éducation (français): Programme concomitant

Université York – Collège universitaire Glendon



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Université York – Collège universitaire Glendon
baccalauréat en arts/baccalauréat en éducation, B.A./B.Ed. International Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, iBA/BEd
Code de programme
Fourchette de notes
80 % et plus
Apprentissage expérientiel
Option de stage ou d'internat disponible
Langue d'enseignement
Anglais et Français

Glendon’s Bachelor of Education (French) program is designed specifically to prepare you to become an immersion, extended, and core French teacher.

Your education courses will begin in second year. If you're not accepted into the BEd (French) program directly from secondary school, we invite you to re-apply during your first year at Glendon.

If you're interested in the Concurrent Direct Entry (French) program offered at Glendon, please select the code YGJ and your subject of major interest for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. You should have intermediate or advanced written/oral abilities in both English and French, and you must meet the admission requirements of the Glendon BA program you're applying to.