Exigences linguistiques

General Requirements

If English is not your first language (i.e., is not the first language you learned at home as a child), you will need to provide evidence of adequate English facility for admission consideration, unless you qualify for an exemption.

The minimum number of years required to waive requirements is 4 years of satisfactory, full-time study in an English-language school system in a country where English is the dominant language.

New for 2020: all applicants, including those who must present proof of English facility, will be required to present a senior level English (equivalent to Ontario ENG4U/EAE4U) for admission to all undergraduate programs, and the English grade will be included in the applicant’s calculated average.

Discretionary Range

If your test result falls into the discretionary ranges indicated below, it will be reviewed automatically. You will be notified if your discretionary range score satisfies the English-language requirement. As we cannot guarantee that the score will be accepted, we recommend that you arrange to take another test if the official results can be submitted to us by the appropriate document deadline.

U of T Mississauga offers the Academic Culture and English (ACE) program to students who have been admitted to the U of T Mississauga but who require additional English-language skills training. Completing the extra-cost ACE@UTM may be a condition of an offer of admission. The program is led by instructors from the renowned University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. ACE@UTM is specifically designed to target the development of communication, research and study skills. The skills acquired will lead you toward greater success in your studies. Summer and Fall-Winter Sessions are offered (subject to change).

French as a First Language

If French is your first language and you achieved satisfactory academic progress in at least 4 years of full-time study in Canada, you are not required to provide proof of English facility.

Find full English facility requirements, as well as many other acceptable tests/qualifications, on our website.

Score Notes
Note minimale TOEFL 100 total iBT, with 22 on Writing (discretionary range 89–99, with 19–21 on Writing)
600 total PBT, with 5.0 on TWE (discretionary range 573–597, with 4.5 on TWE)
Paper-delivered Test (offered from October 2017) results will be reviewed on an individual basis
Note minimale IELTS 6.5 overall, with no band below 6.0
Note minimale CAEL 70 overall, with no part below 60
CANTest 4.5 average, with no part below 4.
Autres notes Minimum ELDA/COPE Score: 86 overall with 32 in Writing and 22 in each of Reading and Listening (discretionary range 80–85, with 28–31 in Writing and 18–21 in each of Reading and Listening).

Dernière date de l'examen

2019-Apr-01 - Results must be received by April 1.